Meet Emma

It all happens in a moment. A split second and then it’s gone forever. The first look between a bride a groom. The kids all playing happily. Grandma and Grandpa dancing in the sunset. Love. Joy. Connections. It’s hard to find the right photographer for this. Someone who you can connect with and feel comfortable with. You’re giving them you and your most tender and vulnerable moments.

That’s where I come in! Hi! I’m Emma!

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They say…


it takes seven years for friendship to become permanent. Well, Leah, I’ve known you for seven years this past October!! The first impression I remember (naturally I can’t recall meeting her at an ungodly hour in the morning after spending two days in airports on my way up to Alaska), she was dressed as a cute little ladybug running around the halls of Lathrop smiling to everyone as they walked by. And if that doesn’t represent this bundle of sunshine, then I don’t know what does.

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