Meet Emma

It all happens in a moment. A split second and then it’s gone forever. The first look between a bride a groom. The kids all playing happily. Grandma and Grandpa dancing in the sunset. Love. Joy. Connections. It’s hard to find the right photographer for this. Someone who you can connect with and feel comfortable with. You’re giving them you and your most tender and vulnerable moments.

That’s where I come in! Hi! I’m Emma!

When I took up my camera, I wanted to create. I didn’t want to start a business. I just wanted to travel and shoot flowers and mountains and stuff like that. But within a few weeks I discovered that those fleeting moments were what I wanted to shoot. It’s nothing spectacular to a stranger walking by, maybe. But to you, it’s your whole world, and to me, that means everything.

I like to shoot documentary style, meaning unposed and unguided. When we shoot portraits, I yell out a few prompts here and there, but the best images, my favorite images, come from the in between. You chasing your kids down, or the seconds when you look at your significant other like they’re the only thing worth seeing as they fix their footing. It’s all absolutely perfect to me and absolutely beautiful.

I could spend hours talking to you about cameras, lenses, posing, favorite shoots, favorite editing styles, or the joys of location scouting, because I absolutely love this business! I love the people I meet and the things I learn through it!

Ten Fun Facts About Me:
  1. The Office is everything. I relate to Michael and Kelly too much in my life.
  2. I love warm drinks. Minus green tea. It tastes like grass water to me and I don’t understand why everyone loves it. Gross.
  3. I prefer mountains over the beach.
  4. I believe the best day is a rainy day. It makes everything warmer.
  5. When people ask me what I’m most passionate about, it’s people. I believe in the business of loving others in a way that makes them believe in good again.
  6. I am comfiest in a hoodie.
  7.  I prefer a text message or email over being called.
  8. I read Harry Potter religiously when I was younger (gladly a Hufflepuff).
  9. I bought The Office complete dvd series just incase Netflix doesn’t work one terrible day.
  10. I have tattoos and piercings and each of them hold a story. Ask me about them 🙂


Photo credit: Bryanna Hunt Photography, Meredith Beaudoin, and Karlee Esau

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