They say…


it takes seven years for friendship to become permanent. Well, Leah, I’ve known you for seven years this past October!! The first impression I remember (naturally I can’t recall meeting her at an ungodly hour in the morning after spending two days in airports on my way up to Alaska), she was dressed as a cute little ladybug running around the halls of Lathrop smiling to everyone as they walked by. And if that doesn’t represent this bundle of sunshine, then I don’t know what does.


Leah is honestly one of the most naturally beautiful ladies I have ever seen. Even browsing through photography groups and searching for models, I can’t find anyone that radiates the way she does. 


Every single angle, every pose, every way you put her, she is *STUNNING*. 

I played with some string lights during our session. She was so gracious and patient in letting me figure out how I wanted to place them and goof around with them. Can we also appreciate how classy she looks in black and white?


A golden crown for a gorgeous woman! Oh and her eyes? Yes they are seriously that bright blue! I’m telling you, natural beauty at it’s absolute finest!!

 We had so much fun during the entire session! We laughed constantly. She said she feels awkward in front of the camera, but I’m 100% certain she knows how to work it.

A real natural beauty at her finest! I can’t wait to do more sessions with her! Even though she’s going back to school this month. I’m going to miss her so much, but we’ve hit our seven years, so that’s got to mean we’re friends forever, right? 😉

(All images belong to Sunflower Imaging and Leah)

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