Tom & Morgan

I met Morgan four years ago at a small Bible school on a sheep farm near Carnforth, England.


She is one of the dorkiest and most compassionate ladies I know and the Lord Jesus has blessed me for keeping us together this long! When she asked me to shoot her wedding in Kelowna, I was absolutely honored to be able to give her something like that for her big day! I didn’t meet Tom until we got to BC, and the second I saw him, I noticed he dripped with the same dorky adorableness that Morgan does. 

But look how nicely he cleans up! Such a dapper fellow 😉

The venue (Guisachan House Restaurant) was absolutely adorable! A wide open lawn perfect for the ceremony. The property was decorated with the most gorgeous gardens and walkways. Now this summer, BC had suffered a lot of forest fires. Kelowna had been hit with an overwhelming amount of smoke. That is, until the day of the wedding. I’m not one for direct sunlight, but it was the clearest day they’d had in a long while, so naturally we had to celebrate that!

I fell in love with Morgan’s dress INSTANTLY!! The perfect gown for a perfect bride!

Tender moments like these always get me :’) The big father-daughter reveal is my *absolute* favorite!

Look at that ring!! Tom done good fam!

One of my favorite things about the wedding, was the absolutely obvious love these two had for the other. Every moment their eyes met, there was nothing but adoration in that look. They smiled the entire ceremony. You could feel the joy rolling off of them every second the day went on!

They held a sand ceremony, during which we were serenaded by Karlee Esau (another lovely lady I met at the same time as Morgan). Her voice is smoother than velvet and the finest chocolate money can buy. Think a Canadian Adele. She sang Clear by NEEDTOBREATHE and I wish it were recorded so I could listen to it over and over and over and over and over again. 

Look. At. Those. Smiles.

I’ve never seen anyone more excited to embrace each other as husband and wife!!

And just like that, it was time to celebrate the love these two have and the joining of these lovely families!

I can’t say this was the first, or last, tear that was shed. All happy tears!! Pinky promise.

I was joined by another one of my favorite humans, Meredith Beaudoin, on this wonderful day. She is, without a doubt, a creative intellectual. She’s the kind of person I want to be like when I grow up.

The way they look at one another says so much. All the heart eyes ❤

I had so much fun with the wedding party! We goofed around the entire time and everyone was so full of joy!

Another highlight of the wedding was watching how naturally Morgan’s niece and Nephew latched on to Tom. Instantly, they wanted to be around him. Playing. Dancing. Striking goofy poses. He was Uncle Tom long before wedding day to them ❤

And what group shot would be complete without a jump? This was probably the fifth try (Laughter tear emoji here)










And now for my favorite part of all weddings, the bride and groom images. Why? Connections. Connections between people are fascinating. Have you ever *really* looked at two people in love? Have you seen the way they gently hold each other like grasping too tightly could hurt the one thing they’d die for. While also holding so firmly in fear that letting go could lose the one thing they live for. 

How about the way that when they look at each other, it really is like two best friends on the same wavelength? The way people connect is one of the greatest things we have as a human race. So often we emphasize those bad connections, but here, this is where the light shines through.

I love her so *stinking* much!

I *adore* veil shots! If I spend 15 minutes with the bride, groom, and a veil, I still won’t have enough time.












Again, the venue was a *dream.* They provided the food and cake and even provided an ice sculpture! And in classic Tom and Morgan manner, an anatomically correct heart. Have I told you how adorkable they are?

Happy tears were shed during the speeches! Every. Single. Speech. (Pictured here was the Best Man speech)

There was a certain point where Morgan couldn’t even look at the crowd without completely breaking down. They both turned to face the wall to finish of their speeches.










Afterwards, we danced the night away. It was such a small room for such a large group of people. We were all sweating within the first song. 

But no one had more fun than the bride and groom. Well, no one had more fun than Tom 😉

And just like that, it was time to say goodbye. 

Off they went to start their new life. My best friend, and her best best friend. I pray a long happy marriage for them. I can’t wait to see where God takes them in their ministry. And I’m beyond beyond beyond blessed to have been a part of their start.

(All images belong to Sunflower Imaging and the Langes)